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The Affton Fire Protection District recently adopted a gracious donation of four 02 Fur Life pet oxygen masks from loving pet owner Marilyn Zimmermann.

The members of the Affton Fire Protection District are constantly working to find new ways to protect life and property.  Firefighters are trained to save lives, but saving lives is not limited to humans alone.  Firefighters do everything possible to save animals from fires as well.

The District previously had only one pet oxygen mask.  This mask was successfully used to save the lives of a family pet on two separate occasions.  With Mrs. Zimmermann's generous donation the District will now be able to place a mask on each of its three fire trucks, ambulance and chief's vehicle.  These masks will provide firefighters with the tools necessary to care for pets that may otherwise not have a chance.

Fire Chief Jim Fritz was very grateful.  "This is a wonderful gift!  It will allow us to provide a better service to the community and save the lives of pets that otherwise might not have been helped without the availability of these oxygen masks", Chief Fritz said.

If you are interested in helping the cause or would like more information on 02 Fur Life you can check out their Facebook page at or website





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