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Fire Pit Guidelines

  1. Fire pit may not exceed 3 feet in diameter.

  2. Fire pit must be constructed of non-combustible material, cement, clay, brick, or sheet metal.

  3. Fire pit location should be at a minimum of 25 feet from any structure.

  4. Fire pits must be placed on non-combustible surfaces and may not be located on a deck or apartment balcony.

  5. Fire pits shall be clear of overhangs, such as tree branches, utility lines and structures.

  6. Fire pits can be used for burning wood only.

  7. Burning of treated wood, rubbish, garbage, trash, any material made or coated with rubber, plastic, leather or petroleum based materials is prohibited.

  8. Open burning shall be constantly attended and supervised by a competent person at least 18 years of age until such fire is extinguished.

  9. A means of extinguishment shall be readily available at all times.

  10. Outdoor burning shall be prohibited when local circumstances make the fires potentially hazardous, high wind conditions and dry conditions.

  11. Fires shall not be allowed to cause smoke/odors which would constitute a public nuisance.

Lastly, please take into consideration your surroundings when burning, especially your neighbors.  Please be considerate, the intent of fire pits is for recreational purposes.

If smoke, ash or particulate matter from an open burn remains visible beyond the property line of origin, or found on surfaces beyond the property line of origin, this may be a violation of the Missouri Air Pollution Control Rule, 10CSR 10-6.170 - Restriction of Particulate Matter to the Ambient Air Beyond the Premises of Origin.  Such an occurrence could result in issuance of a Notice of Violation from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  Any violation of the Missouri Air Pollution Control Rules could also result in a fine from the State of Missouri.







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